Ashok Ananthram

Senior Advisor

People living in a society will have to live within certain laws and regulations. One cannot take defense of not having the knowledge of laws. At the same time the common man is always a little vary about all the legalese.

The purpose of The Law Tree online legal journal / newsletter is to communicate, in very simple terms, the legal issues which are useful to the public, in a form which is extremely readable. At the same time Law Tree covers a very broad range of topics.

For example, any law which is being passed/ impacts an individual or which is good to know, are all covered by the Law Tree. Law Tree delivers the content through graphics, figures and illustrations. It treats certain important and voluminous subjects in a lighter vein. These graphics and figures make it much more interesting, understandable and approachable to the public.

The very fact that over the last 50 issues, the editorial team has been giving a broad range of topics for the public to read show cases the commitment of the editorial team and the research and planning that goes into the publication of each edition. Very serious attention is given to detail. The team decided the latest law or amendments that is necessary for the public to know.

The style of writing and the fact that there are various creative headings and sub-headings in the newsletter grabs the attention of the people and they will have a sharp knowledge about what exactly they are getting.  The newsletter also discusses movies which cover legal aspects, books which are within the realm of law.

A serious reader who knows law and is interested to know more but does not belong to the legal field, often struggles to find the right platform to rely on. The Law Tree coming from a renowned Law Firm is authentic and also gives a gist within crisp and well written piece.

The fact that the newsletter is a proactive publication gives one a clear picture that the whole content and essence of the issues reflect the changing legal environment around us.

Due credits must be given to the Design Team that has put together 50 Editions so that the look and feel of the magazine is attractive.

In conclusion, the newsletter satisfies the needs of the common man to understand those legal aspects which are relevant to him for Day-to-day living. In this constantly changing environment and globalization, there are many international laws that would perhaps have an impact on India as we live in a globalized world, for example, the Insolvency laws in the US, Singapore or UK may be relevant in India. The Law Tree will endeavor to incorporate more and more of multilateral and international happenings in the legal framework. In the future editions the readers would be introduced to an international section which would talk about the legal framework in pertinent countries that have an impact on India.

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