Edition 99 • December 2023

Ringing in the new

To say that 2023 was eventful is an understatement. From landing on the moon to heading the G20 summit, getting a new Parliament building and overtaking China to be the most populated country in the world, India has done it all. In fact, the Indian Supreme Court disposed of a record 52,000 cases, the highest in 6 years. All this, despite the North-eastern ethnic violence and India blazing through to the Cricket World cup finals, only to lose to Australia. World over, fresh war between Israel -Palestine broke out leaving a trail of death and destruction even as Russia-Ukraine show no sign of truce. 2023 was the hottest years in the history of the world making climate change a reality. Walt Disney turned a 100! AI and its creators remained in the news for the right and wrong reasons! The world moves on.

Edition 98 • November 2023

Food for thought

Recently the Prime minister inaugurated the ‘World Food India Festival’ with the objective of transforming India into the ‘food basket of the world’. India did not win the much-hyped world cup. Their performance in the last leg needed some food for thought. Just like the implication of intellectual property laws in the niche sector of online gaming.

Edition 97 • October 2023

Good and Evil

Good must prevail over evil – the significance of Dussehra. This is the same underlying philosophy of price regulation in the Pharma industry – make healthcare affordable to triumph over disease and mortality.

Edition 96 • September 2023


Empowerment is not just physical power. It could manifest emotions, education, professional, economic and political. Like the much-welcomed approval of Women’s reservation Bill 2023. Another aspect of empowerment is through investing.

Edition 95 • August 2023

Charting the Unchartered

India is charting the unchartered with silent precision. The soft landing of the indigenous Chandrayaan 3 on the moon’s south pole is stellar example of that. The country chartered yet another unchartered area – repealing / replacing the gamut of criminal laws of the country. An insight into the same.

Edition 94 • July 2023

Soft Landing

A near “all women” show, with a team of 53 brilliant women scientists and “Vyommitra” a female looking humanoid robot on board the satellite, India is hoping for lady luck to favour in launching Chandrayaan 3. Physical modifications and amendments were carried out before launching Chandrayaan 3. Similarly, amendments/ modifications have been carried out by SEBI to its listing and disclosure requirements for better regulation and control of listed entities on stock exchanges. An insight into the same.

Edition 93 • June 2023

Halfway Mark

June. As we cross the halfway mark in the year several issues have been addressed. several more need to be redressed.
Edition 92 • May 2023

Trials and Tribulations

May. Arguably the hottest month of the year across the country. The woes of people in summer must be seen to be believed. Similarly, is the case with one an amendment in 2021 which became effective in the latest financial year. The introduction of mandatory audit trail while maintaining books of accounts.
Edition 91 • April 2023

Feeling The Heat

The mild summer has suddenly morphed into heat wave(s) across the country. Everyone is feeling the heat. So is India literally and figuratively as the nation will surpass China in population very soon. India Inc is feeling the heat too post pandemic as efforts are continuously on for speedy recovery.
Edition 90 • March 2023

Hues of Colour

Summer has set in bringing an array of colour – from earthy brown to bright blue and delicate crimson, pink. Summer or winter, the economy deals with hues of another kind – black money being converted into white and everything in between. In a bid to tighten the noose on money laundering, the Finance ministry recently amended the rules to Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA). An Insight into the same.

Edition 89 • February 2023

Made in India

In its 75th year of independence, the Union government presented the budget for the year 2023-24. While the budget included several incentives for all sections of the society, one aspect that stood out was the focus given to artificial intelligence (AI).

Edition 88 • January 2023

For the common good of all

As we head into a new year, we do so with pride in ably achieving several milestones after coming off a pandemic. From India getting its first tribal woman President, launching 5G telecom services across several cities, launching “Vikram- S” series of small life launch vehicles, to legal judgments permitting women to undergo abortion for up to 24 weeks, upholding 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections of the society. A lot has been achieved, lot more needs to be done. The nation will do so with pride and ability.
Edition 87 • December 2022

Of Pride and Ability

As we head into a new year, we do so with pride in ably achieving several milestones after coming off a pandemic. From India getting its first tribal woman President, launching 5G telecom services across several cities, launching “Vikram- S” series of small life launch vehicles, to legal judgments permitting women to undergo abortion for up to 24 weeks, upholding 10% reservation for the economically weaker sections of the society. A lot has been achieved, lot more needs to be done. The nation will do so with pride and ability.
Edition 86 • November 2022

On Merit

The recent judgment upholding reservation for the economically weaker sections (EWS) has put the focus back on reservation system in India.
Edition 85 • October 2022

What goes around comes around

Whether it is darkness followed by shining bright light which is the essence of Diwali or a person of Indian origin becoming the head of a country that once ruled his country, one thing is clear – What goes around comes around. What goes down comes up.
Edition 84 • September 2022

Adapting to Change

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is a dynamic legislation. The latest set of amendments are testimony to this.
Edition 83 • August 2022

Standing Tall

India cannot be ignored. Be it completion of 75 years of independence or the 61-medal win in the Commonwealth games 2022 or the appointment of the …,,(first) woman as Director General of CSIR, a consortium of research institutes across the country or an Indian origin immigrant in the race to be Britain’s first Prime Minister, free India is rapidly progressing. Like India, the Indian corporate law has made rapid strides.

Edition 82 • July 2022

Correction Path

As the world is staring at the possibility of stagnation in growth and inflation, we bring you an Insight into the situation on hand and how countries are coming up with corrective measures. Also get and insight into how trademarks are faring in the virtual reality – metaverse. Mediation as a mechanism of alternate dispute redressal is gaining traction. So, What’s brewing there? The National Mediation Bill 2021. The Mumbai Bench of the NCLT passed yet another verdict reiterating that a sale as a going concern will include assets and liabilities (and not assets only). Apex rulings sheds light on other important judgements in the courts. Infographics depicts all about the National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management.
Edition 81 • June 2022

The Surge

It the season of surge. India is witnessing a sudden spike in Covid19 cases with the government directing all States to be vigilant. World over, wheat, rice and food prices in general are soaring as an aftermath of the pandemic, the Russia- Ukraine war and supply chain disruption. The country is thriving. A recent apex court judgement about GST council recommendations being persuasive and not binding sent India Inc. into a tizzy. An Insight into the judgement and its impact on GST. Starting this edition, the Law Tree will feature an additional insight into Intellectual Property Right (IPR) related aspects.
Edition 80 • May 2022

The battle royale

India is battling extreme climate this season. Heat waves nearing 50 degrees Celsius are scorching northern India while flash floods and freak rains are lashing south India. The environment is revolting against mankind. Just like human revolt against themselves – the government. Let’s take a look at what’s in store this edition.
Edition 79 • April 2022

Elephant in the room

The sun is beating down as summer peaks in the country. Similarly, the CA, CWA and CS (Amendment) Act 2022 is scorching the fraternity and their regulatory bodies. The war between Russia – Ukraine has brought into sharp focus the elephant in the room – weapons of mass destruction. Read On…
Edition 78 • March 2022

The Escalation

Russia relied on the element of surprise when it suddenly attacked Ukraine in the end of February. Even as the war rages on a month later, the world is feeling the heat with imports and supply chain totally disrupted thus escalating prices again after Covid.
Edition 77 • February 2022

The Tally

The Omicron variant of the Covid that swept through the nation and the world seems to be waning. India recorded a recovery rate of more than 98%. While tackling the latest wave, the central government announced the Union Budget 2022. Agriculture, health and technology remained the core developments areas. Focus was on start-ups and sunrise sectors. Read on for more interesting updates.
Edition 76 • January 2022

Change is Evolution

We are a month into another new year 2022. Omicron variant of the Covid19 virus has replaced the Delta variant. Pandemic fatigue seems to have set in as the “new normal” has actually become “normal” with people chasing livelihoods and survival.
Edition 75 • December 2021

Knowledge Shared is Power Squared

We believe that we have come a long way. From developing content and introducing creative new sections to disseminating legal knowledge and information with one and all, it has been an enriching experience.The idea behind launching Law Tree legal journal online was simple – decode law and legal happenings in an easy and comprehensible manner. Law is for all, to be known by all.
One needs to find a perspective that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. At AKM LLP, we did just that with the Law Tree. With the patronage of the partners and a sound advisory board guiding the team, the Law tree has come thus far. With miles to go seeking and sharing knowledge, team Law Tree proudly presents its platinum edition. Read on. Enjoy.
Edition 74 • November 2021

The Deluge

It’s been two years since the world has been dealing with SARS CoV-2 virus a.k.a Covid19. All of us have been affected in one way or the other – logistically, financially, morally and emotionally. In the last of the Covid combat section, we take a look at lessons learnt by the human race. India has witnessed the maximum number of IPOs in 2021. From unicorns to seasoned corporations, many companies are “going public”.
Let’s see what this edition has in store.

Edition 73 • October 2021

Resilience Thy Name

The Covid case numbers seem to be declining in India. Post Dussehra, a whopping 97.6 Crore Covid vaccine doses have been administered. 28.1 Crores have been fully vaccinated. India has begun using commercial drones to deliver vaccines to remote areas. Even as the vaccination program for those above 18 is on at breakneck speed, the central government is in the final stages of discussion with pharma giant Zydus Cadila for Covid vaccine for the most vulnerable section – children.

Edition 72 • September 2021

I'm Possible

Like in Olympics 2020, the Paralympics saw Indians creating history yet again with a 19-medal haul – 5 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze. From table tennis and badminton to high jump, javelin, discuss throw and shooting, our athletes have proved that disability is only a state of mind! The Covid 19 pandemic crippled the world. Yet a few industry sectors prospered. Let’s see what The Law Tree Edition 72 has to offer.

Edition 71 • August 2021

Triumph in Tribulation

We have reason to celebrate! India did great at Tokyo Olympics 2020 held in 2021. We won a total of 7 medals, making it India’s best performance in Olympics till date. We join the nation in celebrating our sportsmen who have beaten all odds to emerge victorious. We also celebrate the 75th year of Indian independence. Freedom which is as vital as the air we breathe. It is with the sense of pride and gratitude that we bring to you this edition of the Law Tree.
Edition 70 • July 2021

Rebuilding Hope

As of June 2021, the total vaccines administered in India across all age groups crossed 33 crores. That is approximately the size of USA. A mammoth task for any developing nation of India’s size. A challenge that India is taking head on. As States and economies opened up consequent to decline in Covid cases, Indian start-ups were doing brisk business raising a record $12 billion during the second wave of the pandemic. Governments go about their business optimistically amidst prediction for a possible third wave. It is with the same optimism that we bring to our esteemed readers, this edition of the Law Tree.
The Law Tree

Edition 69

In June, summer temperature dipped due to welcome showers in the country. The nation also witnessed a dip in the overall Covid cases across the country. The Indian government announced that 25% of the vaccination in all States would be handled by the Central government and free vaccinations would be provided to citizens in the age group of 18-44 years. We bring to you some heart-warming, incredible stories from the ordinary man’s extra ordinary acts of kindness in fighting the virus. A matter of pride. Speaking of pride, June is the “Pride month”. A month of pride for the LGBTQIA community to affirm their dignity, equality and increased societal acceptance across the world.
The Law Tree

Edition 68

India has been at the receiving end not only from the dreaded Covid19 virus but also unfavourable international media coverage of the situation in India. Despite being pushed to the edge, the medical fraternity, police, volunteers and the common man stood up to the challenge, serving people to best of their ability. Even as most States went into complete lockdown, May 2021 gave hope. The month recorded the lowest number of per day infections across the country. It is with the same hope and positivity we bring you this edition of The Law Tree.
The Law Tree

Edition 67

It is time to double (mask) up safety protocols and social distancing. Literally! With the second wave of Covid hitting India like a storm, all safety measures are being put back in place with reinforced vigour. With lockdown being viewed as the last option, it is up to each and every individual to self-regulate lest they end up being isolated.
The Law Tree

Edition 66

March has been mixed bag of events. Even as India rolled out the world’s largest Covid vaccination drive in a bid to end the pandemic, there has been a steady spike in Covid cases giving rise to concern of a possible second wave of cases with new strains of the virus. As the number of citizens getting vaccinated steadily increase, there is also a considerable chunk of the public who are averse to taking the vaccination. Amidst all this, governments, financial institutions and regulatory authorities are working overtime to bring the back stability to the economy.

The Law Tree

Edition 65

Summer is yet to set in, but the corporate world is already feeling the heat. The government notified the CSR amendment Rules that make CSR compliance mandatory. An insight into the amendments and a lot more updates in this edition.
The Law Tree

Edition 64

We transition into the new year 2021, optimistic about resuming “normal” life as it were before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Besides, the anti Covid vaccine and Sankranti, WhatsApp was in the news, only this time for wrong reason. Go ahead and enjoy this edition of Law Tree in the brand new year!
The Law Tree

Edition 63

2020. A Leap year. The phrase has several connotations to it this year. To say that 2020 has been an “eventful” year is an understatement. From bush fires in Australia, cyclones in the US, SARS – Cov-2 in China, to the Syrian civil war, US elections and beyond, we have seen it all. All is not lost. 2021, Here we come.
We bring you the finale edition of Law Tree for 2020.
The Law Tree

Edition 62

It has been a year of oxymorons. Social “distancing”, home “isolation”, “virtual” handshakes, war with “invisible enemy”. Add to the list – “muted” Diwali. The noise may have been dull, but the lights were shining bright. An indication of how we are dealing with the pandemic. It is with the same positivity we present the 62nd edition of the Law Tree.
The Law Tree

Edition 61

Monsoon has set in the Country and in the Parliament. The Indian government had a short yet tumultuous monsoon session of the Parliament. A slew of strategic legislations was passed with minimal members and maximum opposition. Monsoon or no monsoon, October signals the beginning of a range of festivities – Navratri/ Dussehra, Durga Puja and Diwali. Muted celebrations, but celebration nevertheless, to signify a new beginning, a life without Covid19.
The Law Tree

Edition 60

Even as India is the world’s second worst affected COVID hit country, India has officially overtaken the USA and other countries to record the highest number of COVID recoveries in the world. Heart warming. Something to look forward to. Just like The Law Tree Edition 60!
The Law Tree

Edition 59

We have crossed the half year mark of living with Covid 19. Businesses are resuming albeit behind masks, PPE’s and sanitizers. Resilience at it best. A bid to return to normal as it was before the virus attacked the world. It is with the same ‘never say die’ spirit, we bring you this edition of the Law Tree.
The Law Tree

Edition 58

There is a saying – “We all didn’t come in the same ship, but we are all in the same boat”. This is true for the village, town, city, state, country, and the whole wide world. Even as different parts of the world continue to grapple with the second wave of Covid19, we bring to you our journal in all earnestness and sincerity.
The Law Tree

Edition 57

There was a time when food, textiles and petroleum were considered among essential commodities. Laptops, mobile phones and webcams may well replace them as ‘essential’ commodities. Essential for survival. Join in for our latest edition of the Law Tree even as the nation is ‘peaking’ in its combat with is neighbour that introduced the virus and intruded our land border – China.
The Law Tree

Edition 56

Lockdown 4.0, Masks, sanitizers, online schooling and continued work from home is the ‘new normal’. People are gradually resuming active life by co-existing with the virus even as the government continues its battle to end this invisible menace. One of its weapon to tackle the very visible effect on the economy is the announcement of the Atma Nirbhar package to inject self reliance and stimulus.
The Law Tree

Edition 55

We love ‘The Law Tree’. Covid or no Covid, work from office or work from home, our enthusiasm to bring our reader the next edition knows no bound. It is with this enthusiasm to learn and share latest legal happenings, we have put together this edition working from home and maintaining social distance. Dive in to Law Tree #55!
The Law Tree

Edition 54

With almost the entire country in lock down mode, and the world battling an invisible enemy, we are determined to bring to you our latest edition of the Law Tree. A good and enriching way to spend time while at home. Let us join the government in combating Covid 19. Stay home. Stay safe.

The Law Tree

Edition 53

Summer’s approaching and it is hotting up on the legal scene as well. We bring you monthly updates on what is new in the legal world.
The Law Tree

Edition 52

Get your monthly dose of updates from the legal experts.

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The Law Tree

Edition 51

As 2019 comes to close and the new year is right around the corner, what better way to finish off than legally enriching oneself with The Law Tree! 

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