Edition 77 • February 2022

The Tally

The Omicron variant of the Covid that swept through the nation and the world seems to be waning. India recorded a recovery rate of more than 98%. While tackling the latest wave, the central government announced the Union Budget 2022. Agriculture, health and technology remained the core developments areas. Focus was on start-ups and sunrise sectors. Read on for more interesting updates.


Startups: The Trial Blazers

In the Union budget 2022, the government proposed to give further fillip to start ups to enable them sustain and continue their phenomenal rise in the last decade.

In the backdrop of the incentives for start-ups proposed in the Union budget, a look at the phenomenal rise of the “start-ups”.

What's Brewing

The Great Indian Digital Inclusion

In the Union budget 2022, the government announced a series of measures relating to Digital banking. This move is in keeping pace with the increased use of digital payments and finance- technical innovations (also known as “fintech”).

Circulars & Notifications

Learn about this month’s circulars and notifications brought out by the MCA, FEMA, SEBI & RBI.


10th January, 2022
Submission of the IPR for the year 2021 by 31.01.2022




















The Verdict

Computation for Rs.1 Crore Minimum Threshold Under IBC

On 19th January 2022, the NCLT Delhi bench held that principal amount and interest amount cannot be clubbed to reach the minimum threshold of Rs. 1 Crore under the IBC 2016, if the debt is an operational debt. A look at the details of the order passed: 

Go Figure

The Federal Trade Commission & Statistics Related To It

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) contains several divisions to monitor and implement laws for anti-trust, competition, consumer protection and Economics. Go Figure the mind-boggling statistics of reports and complaints relating to frauds.

The Developing Concept of Plea Bargaining Around the World

Plea bargaining is a practice of negotiating an agreement between the prosecution and the defendant in a criminal case wherein the agreement deals with the defendant pleading guilty to a lesser offense in lieu of lenient sentencing, or in case of multiple offenses, pleading guilty to one in exchange of dismissal of other charges. As per the Fair Trials report, 2016, worldwide, there has been a 300% rise in plea bargains since the year 1990 as it is seen to be a form efficient form to meet the ends of justice.

In fieri

It basically means being in the process of accomplishment or not yet completely formed.

Joint tortfeasor

It means any of two or more parties held jointly or severally liable for the same tort.


The unlawful taking and carrying away of personal property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it permanently.

Knock and announce rule

A rule of criminal procedure that requires police to announce their authority and purpose before entering a premises in execution of a search or arrest warrant unless special circumstances (as risk of harm to the police) warrant unannounced or forcible entry.


ART To Assist the Humankind

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) includes medical procedures to address issues of infertility. Infographics depicts the law relating to the same.


Important legal and other news having a bearing on society depicted in a fun quirky way!

Uni(s)on Budget

Seal the deal: Digital marriages

Your regular dose of a movie, TV show and a book all based on law to keep you entertained and thinking at the same time!

Jai Bhim (2021)

A Tamil language Indian film, the title is a spin off from slogan used by followers of Dr. BR Ambedkar. Based on a true story in 1993-94 the movie poignantly highlights victimization of the vulnerable and side-lined tribal communities such as the Irula tribe shown in the movie.

Sengeni (Lijomol Jose) and Rajakannu (Manikandan) are a happily married couple belonging to the Irula tribe. Over the years the legacy of the tribe is reduced to catching rats and snakes. They work in the fields of upper cast men. One day, Rajakannu is picked up for questioning in a suspected theft case and does not return home after several days. He is brutally beaten and tortured in jail. A distraught pregnant Sengeni runs from pillar to post seeking justice, but to no avail. The police tell her that he and his associates are absconding as they escaped from prison. Through a social activist teacher, she learns about advocate Chandru who is a human rights lawyer. After listening to her story, Chandru files a Habeas corpus petition. Chandru is convinced there is a cover up and proceeds to investigate the case only to learn that Rajakannu died due to injuries from severe beating in jail and police used all possible methods to cover up. When Chandru is able to prove that Rajakannu’s was a case of custodial death, the Court orders for punishment of all cops involved. The cops are imprisoned and fined. The government gives her land to build a home which was Rajakannu’s dream.    

The film, released on OTT, won critical reviews for its plot and intense/ poignant performance by a stellar cast spearheaded by Suriya, Lijomol and Manikandan. The movie is based on Justice K. Chandru in real life who has to his credit disposing off 96,000 cases in his tenure. This is a true story of a case he fought when he was practicing as a lawyer. Despite casteist aspersions and controversy, the movie is seen an important milestone in the history of Tamil cinema. The film has been nominated in the best film category at the Oscars. A scene from the fil was listed on the Oscar’s official Youtube channel. A must watch even with subtitles.    


Final Appeal by Lisa Scottoline (1994)

The novel is an Edgar award winning crime fiction novel from the New York’s bestselling lawyer cum author Lisa Scottoline. The plot revolves around Philadelphia based lawyer Grace Rossi. Starting over fresh after divorce, Grace secures a part time clerk job for Judge Armen Gregorian in the Federal appeals court. Assigned to an important death penalty appeal and working long hours, Grace ends up having an affair with the handsome Judge she works for. However, she finds him dead from “suicide” the next morning. She knows she must go behind the truth. In the process of her investigation, she unravels dark secrets that even FBI did not lay hands on. With the help of a federal agent, she will risk everything including her life for the sake of justice. Read on. Unravel the truth.  

TV Series

Justice (2017)

This legal series on Netflix is from the middle east. The series revolves around its protagonist Farah. Having studied law in the U.S, she goes back to her native Abu Dhabi. Though her father is a reputed attorney in the city, she wants to practice independently. Not only does she have to fight for justice but also her family society’s perceptions to make a mark of her own.

Law Without Justice is a Wound Without a Cure – William Scott Downey

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