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A core team of content writer(s), graphic designers and associates was put together by us. The team enthusiastically set to work. The first stop – coining the name of the newsletter. The “Law Tree” was a result of intense brainstorming. It stemmed from a basic thought that Law has many branches just like a tree. Metaphorically, like we take shade under a tree, the Law tree provided a one stop (legal) cover to all those who read and gained knowledge. The logo of the “Law Tree” in itself speaks volumes for this thought process. The team then zeroed in on content / sections to be included. With a mandate of keeping it corporate law centric, the team came up with some really thought provoking and fun headings for each section. From “Lawk & Key”, “Lawlipop” in the initial editions right up to “Whats brewing”, “Go Figure” in the latest editions, it has been an enriching journey legally and artistically. The next step was to create designs, visuals and caricatures based on the decided content. Lot of emphasis was given to keeping the content eye catching and visually appealing. Cartoons are custom-made to be interesting, thought-provoking and making reading heavy weight legal content, light hearted and fun.

Being passionate about colours, I collaborated with the design team for a different colour pallet for each edition. The design team poured their heart and soul into creating the layout. The layout now helps the readers read the newsletter on mobile phones, tabs, desktops and laptops. So, from minimalistic design / content, the newsletter has included time relevant legal information and periodically upgraded content to progress from edition # 1 to # 50! Neverthless the content is crisp and to the point giving readers (even with no legal background) enough food for thought! Thanks to this, we have had an impressive organic increase in our reader / subscriber base. We are grateful to our readers for their continued patronage.

I whole heartedly thank my partners and advisory board members – eminent and senior people with rich treasure of experience from various industry and legal background. The Law tree is also about amalgamating the experience of our seniors along with the childlike enthusiasm of our young team.

Rest assured, going forward the readers will be privy newer and enriching legal content. From information on global legal developments that will impact India, to increased reader interface and student engagement, the Law Tree will continue its endeavour to reach for the stars!


Subathra Mylsamy

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