AKM 55
The Rise and Beyond

With the experience and training of working with my illustrious seniors and suggestions of well-wishers, I specialized in the niche area of company / corporate laws. Like me, company law was also evolving. My desire to be continuously updated with corporate laws helped me almost entirely read/ learn and guide/ advise clients from an early stage of my professional career. Initially, I started practice on my own. As I worked my way through the legal ladder one step at a time, there was tremendous learning (and unlearning) along the way.

Later, my daughter Subathra, a distinguished lawyer (and artist rolled into one) joined me to carry forward the legacy of maintaining a high standard of professional and legal ethics. Subathra literally changed the face of my practice. She and her husband Suman, a brilliant lawyer and thorough professional, re constituted Mylsamy & Associates into a Limited Liability Partnership popularly known by the brand “AKM”.

We all had one thing in common – an uncanny desire to make legal knowledge available to general public for awareness and their easy understanding.

Subathra’s creativity coupled with the need to share legal knowledge led to the birth of “The Law Tree”.

An online legal newsletter that broke down complex laws, legal terminology, amendments and finer nuances of law into simple, easy to understand content backed by colorful illustrations and graphics. While it was pleasing to the eye, it was (legal) food for thought as well! A small yet dedicated team has been in place since the first edition of The Law Tree. Bound together by the drive to create interesting legal material, the team brain storms on latest laws, amendments, judgments and happenings and arrives at the content for the each edition. Initially positioned as a fortnightly, The Law Tree transitioned into a monthly online newsletter that provides comprehensive content for each month as a ready referencer. I believe that the legal content combined with creative and impactful illustrations sets apart The Law Tree from the remaining legal newsletters / journals. I am thrilled to be presenting to you all the 50th edition of The Law Tree.

Like I indulge in farming, my passion, Team Law Tree indulges in its passion – presenting quality legal for 50 editions and beyond.


A K Mylsamy

Founding Partner
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