S Balasubramanian

Senior Legal Advisor

I am delighted to learn that “The Law Tree”, perhaps the first of its kind online Legal Newsletter dealing with tropical legal news, will be publishing its 50th edition in October 2019.

Ignorance of law is no excuse. However, it does not mean that everyone has to be legally savyy. Many statutes have impact on every citizen and hence one should, at least, be familiar with various statutes. “The Law Tree” more than adequately   fulfils this need.

After  it transformed into a monthly newsletter, “The Law Tree”  has expanded its horizon of coverage widely. Presently, it covers IBC cases, all notifications/circulars by MCA,SEBI, IBBI, RBI  and also under other statutes. Under the heading “Insights” some tropical issues are discussed. Most importantly, under “Infographic” a specific statute is discussed in details. I have no hesitation to admit that i was not even aware of certain statutes till I read them in “Infographic. Under “Legal-ease” certain legal terms are explained. “Lawlipops” contains very interesting cartoons.

What impressed me most is the manner of presentation. Instead of being plain and mundane, the presentation is colourful with graphics, thus making the reading more interesting.

Undoubtedly, “The Law Tree” is one of most informative legal newsletter that I have come across. Perhaps, that is the reason that the moment I get a copy through e mail, leaving all other tasks on hand, I go through the same without delay.

I wish “The Law Tree” and its editorial team all the best. 

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