S Ramanujam

Senior Advisor

I admire the freshness and creative content of the newsletter – The Law Tree from the leading law firm AKM’s at Chennai. Being one of the  oldest firm specialising in corporate and other civil laws , it is very nice to see changes in the approach of their newsletter containing in it –  inspirational quotes, case law analysis, good insight into the legal terminologies commonly used, attractive cartoons, highlights of new enactments /announcements of the month etc.

The greatness of the newsletter lies in its unobtrusive nature ,  thought provoking snippets which in the minds of the readers sometimes will linger for a  long time –  like the quote from Gandhi – “an unjustified law itself is  a specie of violence against humanity”  – Spoken (by a Lawyer by profession) a century ago but which is still applicable  in  today ‘s context. There are many judgments which are not highlighted by anybody else – like a recent judgment on` rights of differently -abled ‘ , or on adultery – `the mirage of love ‘ which are featured in this newsletter.

There is a need for one and all to imbibe as much  ingredients of law as he can, at a rapid pace . At the same time, one also notices all types of frauds, crimes and human rights violation etc  takes place all the time, and these are regularly being portrayed in great movies, featuring huge legal issues discussed in simple layman’s languages, kindling the interest of  all types of movie goers. By having a  dedicated  section, month after month, in the newsletter a great  sense of interest is created in a spate of movies  dealing with different branches of law, by introducing the subject to the viewer. This particular section can form part of many case studies in a law school and great abundance of movies are presented to connoisseurs!

The condensed version of unique judgments from IBC- a new branch of law are also made available to exclusive readers. This branch of law has started attracting many professionals to its fold and a timely guide and information provided by this newsletter to the readers are great resource material for professionals who are eternally hard pressed for time.

Whether you’re a teacher employed in law college or a busy professional skimming the newsletter  or a busy corporate professional, understanding the new changes in the laws affecting his industry becomes key to him practising his profession.

Information being the key to survival, one can conveniently use this newsletter to swim against any tide!

I wish the editorial team and the firm behind this newsletter, many successes in the years to come.

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